Residential Cleaning - Standard Package: from £12.50 /hour
  • Remove and dispose of all rubbish, foodstuff, papers.
  • Wash and polish all work surfaces.
  • Clean cupboards and drawers inside and out.
  • Clean tops of all standing items.
  • Clean interior of microwave.
  • Wash any dirty dishes and cutlery.
  • Clean sinks, baths, toilets and showers. Remove lime scale and polish taps.
  • Check for and report leaks, non-flushing, visible damp, and fan failure.
  • Steam clean tiles, remove mould and stains, polish. Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Clean out fire grates.
  • Hoover carpets, wash other floors.
  • Clean banisters and rails.
  • Clean light fittings and shades, skirting, dado & picture rails, banisters & spindles.
  • Clean windows internally, and windowsills.
Optional Items
  • Oven cleaning:                                    from £30
  • Carpet shampoo and clean:                 from £25
  • Clean windows outside:                      from £15
Residential Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Painting & Decorating
End of Tenancy Cleaning